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by Nelson Ayers

Umbreon VMAX is one of the rarest and hottest Pokémon cards in the current Sword & Shield era. This powerful Dark-type Pokémon has dominated both competitive play and collector circles. Let‘s take a deep dive into why Umbreon VMAX is so difficult to obtain and coveted by fans.

At a glance

Umbreon VMAX ranks among the top 5 most valuable VMAX cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) right now. Both the regular and alternate art secret rare versions command premium prices on the secondary market. The stunning alternate art Umbreon VMAX sells for an average of $600-800 in PSA 10 "gem mint" condition – over 4X more than the regular version.

So what makes Umbreon VMAX a perfect storm of rarity and demand? Keep reading to understand the factors driving this card‘s incredible market value.

Rarity breakdown

First, let‘s examine how scarce Umbreon VMAX really is. As an "Ultra Rare" VMAX, it‘s tougher to pull than standard cards. But the alternate art secret rare is in a league of its own.

Estimated pull rates

  • Regular VMAX – 1 in 120-180 packs
  • Secret Rare VMAX – 1 in 300-400 packs

This means the alternate art Umbreon is roughly twice as rare as its normal version. Secret rares are always the scarcest cards found in Pokémon TCG expansions.

Population numbers

Out of over 24,000 Umbreon VMAX cards submitted to PSA for grading so far, the breakdown is:

VersionTotalPSA 10 GEM MINT
Alternate Art2,788322

Subset PSA 10 graded copies are extremely limited, especially for the secret rare. This scarcity contributes to the high valuations.

Why is Umbreon VMAX in such demand?

Now let‘s discuss the perfect storm of factors making Umbreon VMAX a standout chase card for Pokémon collectors and players.

Popular Pokémon

Eevee and its evolved forms (Eeveelutions) have amassed a huge fanbase over the years. Umbreon consistently ranks among the most beloved Eeveelutions in polls and fan voting. People go crazy over rare Umbreon cards.

Powerful in competitive play

Umbreon VMAX has seen extensive play in the 2021-2022 tournament meta. Its tanky stats and disruption abilities have helped many top players. This playability drives interest beyond just collectors.

Short supply

The Sword & Shield – Evolving Skies set containing Umbreon VMAX has not seen a reprint yet. This short supply for a highly chased card cranks up demand. Reprints often help stabilize prices of hit cards.

Incredible artwork

The secret rare features unique artwork by popular Japanese illustrator AKIRA EGAWA. The nighttime scene with Umbreon‘s glowing rings pops against the black background. Many consider it the best Umbreon card art to date.

Investment potential

Collectors see Umbreon VMAX as a sound long-term investment due to its immense popularity and short supply. Its high price point also protects against downside risk better than cheaper modern cards.

How does Umbreon VMAX compare to other rare cards?

Umbreon VMAX stands tall against even vintage rarities when comparing market values:

CardPSA 10 Value
Alternate Art Umbreon VMAX$600-800
Shadowless 1st Edition Charizard$600
Gold Star Umbreon$500
Crystal Nidoking$400

Among other modern hits, only the Alt Art Rayquaza VMAX and Special Delivery Charizard exceed it in typical PSA 10 sale prices.

For a current-era card, Umbreon VMAX holds exceptional value due to its desirability and elusiveness.

Long-term investment outlook

Based on all supply and demand factors, I expect Umbreon VMAX to continue appreciating over the next 3-5 years barring any major reprints crashing the market.

Here are some justifications for my bullish stance:

  • Eeveelution popularity persists through generations
  • Artwork appeal remains strong over time
  • No reprints on horizon to flood supply
  • Collected across player age groups from Gen Z to millennials
  • Lower population than comparable vintage hits

In my opinion, the alternate art Umbreon VMAX has as much long-term investment potential as vintage base set Charizards and Gold Stars. It‘s one of the strongest modern Pokémon buys right now.

The bottom line

Not all modern Pokémon cards hold value. But Umbreon VMAX is emerging as an absolute cream of the crop card from the Sword & Shield era. Its elite rarity, meta relevance, supply constraints, and speculation have created a perfect collectible.

Both competitive players and sealed collectors are searching constantly for Umbreon VMAX. This Dark-type Pokémon continues shining brightly as one of the most coveted cards in circulation today.

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How rare is a umbreon Vmax and why is it so valuable? - 33rd Square (2024)
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