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Play the Boxhead: 2Play Rooms game and save Boxville from a zombie invasion! Team up with friends or go solo, unlock cool weapons, and save the day!



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About Boxhead: 2Play Rooms Game

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    Any Browser

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    640 x 480

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  • 2 Player
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Welcome to Boxhead: 2Play Rooms game, the fourth thrilling installment in the Boxhead game series! As you embark on this pixelated adventure, you'll face waves of cheeky zombies! Every corner is brimming with action, surprises, and lots of fun.

You'll step into the shoes of a brave hero with a special role. Not only are you the town's last line of defense, but you're also on a quest to upgrade and collect powerful weapons. Team up with a friend or go solo – either way, the aim is clear: fend off zombies, earn weapons, and be the hero!

How to Play

The game features three different game modes:

- Single Play: Here, you brave the game alone, taking on hordes of zombies. In this mode, you earn up to 10 new weapons and over 90 upgrades via multiple Zombie kills.

- Cooperative: Team up with a friend and face the zombies together. Collaboration means double the firepower; together, you can earn those coveted weapons and upgrades.

- Death Match: Challenge your friend in this competitive mode. Instead of working together, you'll be pitted against each other. And the best part? You get access to all weapons right from the start!

However, before you jump in, it's essential to master the game's controls. Here's everything you should know:

- Player 1: Use the arrow keys ↑ ← ↓ →
- Player 2: W, A, S, D

- Player 1 (Solo): Spacebar
- Player 1 (With a buddy): /
- Player 2: Spacebar

Switching Weapons:
- Solo Mode: 0 ... 9
- Player 1 (With a buddy): . and , keys
- Player 2: Q and E keys

Your main objective in the game is simple: Kill or be killed. Along the way, grab as many weapons and power-ups as you can. The more zombies you defeat, the higher your weapon multiplier goes, unlocking even cooler weapons. But be careful – the multiplier can decrease if you're not active enough!

Meet the Characters

The game also features plenty of options regarding the characters you can choose. Here's all you should know about each of them:

A former soldier who made a big mistake and traveled across the US. He ended up in jail but later joined the Boxhead Rooms to fight zombies. He's skilled in jungle, desert, and city battles and loves reading about survival.

A SWAT team member from the US. He teamed up with Bambo to fight against zombies in the Rooms. He's great at rescuing hostages and catching bad guys. When not fighting, he enjoys cooking.

A British secret agent who helps gather info about zombies. He's skilled at undercover work and fighting up close. When not on missions, he guards England.

Used to be a Marine and now works as a hired gun. He's been in secret wars and was hired by Boxville people to protect them from zombies. He keeps his personal life a mystery.

A former Boxville resident, now turned into a zombie by a virus. He's hungry for human flesh. Tip: They're slow and not smart, but there's strength in their numbers. Stay away!

A fiery creature who loves shooting fireballs to cool down. He enjoys sunbathing and swimming. Tip: They're tougher than zombies. Use fast weapons to prevent them from attacking."

What else you should know

Don't just play; play smart. Always seek out weapon upgrades – the advanced weapons give you a better fighting chance. So keep that multiplier up.

Always keep an eye on the Box Devils and stop them before they toss fireballs.

While explosives pack a punch, they come with risks. Use the Rocket Launcher wisely; its splash damage could disrupt your anti-zombie strategy.

So, are you ready to dive into the action-packed world of Boxhead: 2Play Rooms? With every round, there's an exciting challenge waiting for you. Grab a friend, pick your favorite mode, and jump into the ultimate zombie face-off. Let the fun begin!

Boxhead: 2Play Rooms | NuMuKi (2024)


Is Boxhead online multiplayer? ›

The game includes single player, multiplayer, as well as P2P multiplayer LAN connection. The game includes three game modes: Classic Mode, Endless Mode, and Campaign Mode. However, Classic Mode and Campaign Mode are still under development. 1:1 replica of the details in the previous Boxhead games.

How to play Boxhead online with friends? ›

You can play this game as multiplayer by choosing "Cooperative" from the game menu. Now, you can battle against Zombies with your friend. You can see game controls from the "Controls" section and you can configure them however you want.

Is online co-op multiplayer? ›

Cooperative games in which players each use their own display system are known as "online co-op", "network co-op" or "multiplayer co-op" games due to the majority of such systems utilizing telecommunications networks to synchronize game state among the players.

How do online multiplayer games work? ›

Data, like player positions, actions, and chat messages, is constantly sent between players and the server to keep the game world consistent for everyone. Players may communicate with each other through text or voice chat, and they can often play with people they don't know personally.

How do you play multiplayer games with friends? ›

Parsec is built to play games with friends online in the simplest way possible. Just send your friend a link, and they can start playing any of your games with you on any computer or phone instantly.

How do I make friends play online games? ›

Game Together: Top 9 Ways to Find Gaming Friends
  1. Duoo. Duoo is an awesome platform that can help you find new gaming teammates. ...
  2. In-game friendships. ...
  3. Discord. ...
  4. Local game stores and gaming cafes. ...
  5. Gaming conventions. ...
  6. In-built gaming platforms. ...
  7. Streaming communities. ...
  8. Reddit.
Oct 12, 2023

How can I play online games with friends online? ›

Here are some tips for playing online games with friends:
  1. Choose a game that you all enjoy. This will make the experience more fun for everyone.
  2. Communicate with each other. Use voice or text to stay in touch and coordinate your strategy.
  3. Be supportive of each other. ...
  4. Have fun!
Oct 26, 2023

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Borderlands™ features a groundbreaking content generation system allowing for near-endless variety in weapons and item drops. Borderlands allows for multiple players to share the same game experience simultaneously online in co-op gameplay.

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